Sin, Chapter 13

He knew something was wrong the moment he was through the open portal. He found himself back in the darkness, back in that horrible silent void.

He look around him, and saw nothing but the dark swallowing him whole. He shuddered at the thought. But that was not what told him something was wrong.

No, it was the fact that there was no light here. No sign of Sin anywhere. Just that all consuming black that surrounded him.

He called out for Sin but no reply came.

And then a voice — Hello, Eyes.

Temptation, Eyes muttered the name angrily under his breath, already not in the mood for this. Why have you brought me here?

What makes you think it was me that sent you back here? Temptation sounded mildly amused.

It’s the only thing that makes sense, he hissed, annoyed. There’s a lot of other crap happening right now, I don’t need this. There’s nothing here for me.

Ah, Temptation said sweetly. Dear dear Sin. He and I are brothers, do you know?

What does it matter? Eyes shot back.

Oh, it doesn’t, really, Temptation answered. But I do know Sin better than you do, my little friend. And there is one little secret you do not know.

Really? Eyes asked, unamused. And what might that be?

Sin, said Temptation, is a liar.