Sin, Chapter 3

He took a deep breath and asked — Who are you, then?

The second voice seemed to laugh as it replied, Not someone Sin would want you to meet.

He considered this response for a moment, curious, but chose not to pursue it quite yet. Instead he asked — Where is Sin?

Sin is waiting, the voice said.

Waiting for what? he asked.

You to be ready.

And how do I do that, exactly? he asked, impatient. There isn’t really anything to do here except sit and wait.

Well… the voice murmured softly. There is something…

What? What is it? he asked, not really daring to trust this stranger quite yet.

But I can’t tell you, said the voice.

Why not?

Laughter that seemed to fade into some unknown distance followed his question, and after the laughter, only silence. Hey! he shouted. Where did you go? Come back!

But still there was no reply. Whatever it was that had been here, it was gone now. At least, he thought it was gone. It could just be out there in the dark, waiting and watching him.

He shivered at the thought, and just huddled himself into a smaller bundle.

The silence continued for a long long time. There were many many moments when he felt like this was impossible, this was a dream. Either that or he must be going mad. But every time he moved his body, pinched himself and punched the damned strange floor, he knew this couldn’t be true. This was just too weird to be any of those things.

And that frightened him.

Because if it wasn’t a dream and if he wasn’t going mad in infernal darkness, then it must be real. All of it. The two voices — one being Sin, the other infuriating — his being alone and there being something that begins when he is ready, whatever that meant.

But the emptiness and loneliness and silence stretched on. No more voices came to meet him. He was quiet and he was furious and he was upset and he was scared.

He just wanted to go home.

And then a thought struck him. He didn’t know where home was.

A new kind of fear took over him. He … didn’t know where he lived.

And and and… Good god. He didn’t know his name.

His hands began to tremble as his mind raced to try to remember something — anything! — that could help him find himself again. But there was nothing. Whenever he tried to think of who he may have been, his mind was greeted only with the same darkness that surrounded him.

His voice breaking, he whispered to himself, frightened — Who am I?

Suddenly, even as the last word left his mouth, a glow began to appear to his left. And as it grew, he turned away from it, knowing full well that he was not to look at Sin. Much harm may come to him, whatever that meant.

Then Sin spoke, sounding somewhat pleased.

You are ready.