Sin, Chapter 9

This time, when he went through the portal, Eyes found himself bathed in sunlight and warm air.

He blinked once, twice, adjusting his vision and found himself in the middle of a t-junction on a wide brown cobbled street, two story stucco buildings with small flowered balconies peering out surrounding him.

He was surrounded by tanned pedestrians walking up and down the street, all talking and laughing in loud voices. Several wore dull sun hats and colourful shirts. He looked around confused and lost before he heard Sin’s voice calling out to him — This way, Eyes.

He found the pale man standing on the street corner upon which stood a tall sign that said La Cafe de Belatruse. Sin was in the shade of a colourful yet quaint bistro with small tables outside which were shaded with big umbrellas. He stood between two such tables, with a smile on his face.

Eyes didn’t like the smile. But still he walked up to him. Where are we? he asked Sin, vaguely amused in spite of himself.

Somewhere north of Italy, Sin replied. We are here to meet the real you.

Where am I? I mean, he? Eyes asked immediately, looking around.

Sin tilted his head towards the table to his right. Eyes spun around and saw two people seated there, across from each other, drinks on the table, talking.

The person facing him was a young woman with brown hair and flirting eyes. She had a seductive smile playing on her lips. Eyes took a liking to her immediately, feeling momentarily amused by what it might mean if this was the real Eyes’s girlfriend or wife.

Across from her … Eyes moved to get a good look at the real him, noting with approval the man’s smooth blond hair as he did so. The first thing that struck Eyes was how attractive he was. High cheek bones, curving lips, strong hard eyes. This was a man who belonged in women’s magazines. This was him? Incredible.

Eyes reached up to his own face, feeling smooth skin but not being able to quite define his own face with his fingers. Eyes did not think much of it. So much about Sin’s world was so odd that he had given up trying to figure things out. But it pleased him to know that he was attractive.

Who’s the lady? was Eyes’s first question, his eyes flitting back and forth between the couple.

Her name is Martha, replied Sin. She is your fiance in this moment of time.

Ah, replied Eyes, pleased. Why didn’t you start with this? he asked Sin, spreading his arms at the couple. Why Elliot’s suicide?

Because Elliot played a very important part of your life, Eyes, said Sin. You needed to understand where he came from.

I don’t see the connection, he replied flatly.

You will. Here he comes now.

Sin looked up at the crowd, and Eyes’s confused eyes followed his, watching as a thin, dark haired man pushed his way to the table.

“Elliot!” the real Eyes from the table exclaimed suddenly, rising. “Glad you could make it!”

The man known as Elliot gave a shaky smile as he reached out for the real Eyes’s outstretched hand. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”