Sin, Chapter 8

Eyes swore he screamed when he saw the man jump.

And then, just like that, the world swirled around him and he found himself back in the dark and silent void, in that empty horrible darkness again.

He spun around and saw out of the corner of his eye, a light hanging just above him — it was Sin.

He quickly averted his gaze, still not daring to look directly into that light. He grit his teeth in anger and confusion. Then he asked quietly — Why did you show me that?

I show you what you need to see, replied Sin. But do not worry for Elliot. You will see him again. He is a man with many second chances, not unlike yourself.

Eyes turned away from Sin, his back to the light and looked up, breathing in the air in the darkness.

Fine, he said finally, huffing out a tired breath. What now?

Sin was silent for a moment and then — I sense your dissatisfaction. But do not concern yourself with understanding everything. This is only the beginning.

I know, he replied. He gritted his teeth and asked with as much patience as he could muster — But what now?

Now it is time to meet Elliot’s friend, replied Sin. And I believe this time, he will be of some interest to you.

Who is he? Another bridge-jumper? Eyes asked sarcastically.

No, Sin answered. He is the one whose name I cannot reveal. He is you.

Eyes looked sharply at Sin out of the corner of his eye, his breath quickening. Even as he looked, a second source of light appeared next to Sin, swirling and growing larger with each second — the portal.

Come when you are ready, Sin said. Then Sin disappeared into the light, leaving Eyes all alone.

He turned around then, pausing to look at the portal, unsure.

You would be wise to go, said a voice suddenly.

Eyes jumped. It was the second voice, the one he had heard when he had first woken up. The one who was Not Sin. The loud voice seemed to echo from everywhere.

Who are you? he shouted into the void.

Who are youuu? the voice whispered liltingly.

I am no one. I am only … Eyes, he said, ashamed. That is the only name I have.

Eyes heard the voice give a short laugh before it said — A false name. But a fitting one, I suppose. Very well. Since you have given me your name, I will give you mine.

There was a small pause before the voice said — I am Temptation. Some think they know me as Reality and others still think to know me as Truth. But I am who I am. And I am Temptation.

Eyes did not feel fear upon hearing the names. He thought he would have felt something — fear being the likeliest candidate. But no, he did not.

Thank you, he said before turning around towards the portal. Temptation had nothing he could want. All he wanted was to go home and Sin was the only way.

He thought he heard a rumbling laughter full of delight in the dark background before he entered the portal.

But that was all he heard.

He did not want to hear anything else.