Sin, Chapter 15

It was dark this time.

Eyes couldn’t see but he could tell he was indoors. As he waited for his eyes to adjust to the gloom, a ghostly light suddenly appeared to his left.

Hello Sin, Eyes greeted warily.

Hello, Eyes.

You left me alone back there. Back in that office.

I know, Sin replied, moving to hover just behind Eyes’s shoulder so he wouldn’t be able to stare directly at Sin. Then Sin continued — I left you there because I knew you would be able to handle it.

And now you’re back, Eyes noted drily.


Sin fell silent after that, providing no further explanation for the time being, and Eyes noticed that the room he was in was still dark. Sin’s light did not cast warm glows on the real world. The light seemed to be apart from the world, like an apparition. Eyes didn’t question it. Instead —

Where are we?

We are in your home, replied Sin. There is another thing you must see.

The light moved away from Eyes. Eyes knew Sin told him not to stare but he couldn’t help it. He needed to know. And so he stared.

Nothing happened.

Sin’s light was unusually hard to stare directly at but Eyes found that it could be done. And he stared as the light turned a corner into a room. By now, his eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the place he was in. Staring at Sin’s light did not affect his night vision, it would seem.

They were in a bedroom. Eyes could hear grunts coming from the main bed in the centre of the room. It was rocking rather vigorously and two bodies were clearly moving about in the sheets. He couldn’t help it. He snickered, especially when he heard Martha’s moans from the beneath the covers.

Is this the night where we conceive my first child? he asked.

Sin only greeted him with silence.

Then Eyes heard him. His voice, his grunts and his moans. And Eyes froze.

The blankets began to shift about and he saw someone’s foot nudging the blanket off the bed.

“… so hot in here.” Martha’s voice, soft and sultry with pleasure.

A grunt greeted her and the blanket fell off the bed, revealing Eyes’s suspicions to be true. His head was nuzzled into her neck but Eyes knew it was him.

It was Elliot.