Sin, Chapter 18

He found himself in a kitchen.

It was a small kitchen with small wooden cabinets stuck on walls, tiled flooring and small wooden counter piled with various tins and plates of half eaten food. Everything was unclean and cramped and just like that, while staring at the mess, somehow the first memory came to him.

This was his kitchen.

He could hear the sounds of a television set coming through a small doorway and he knew that he was in his own apartment.

Being here felt not so different from all the times he had visited this reality but he knew he was still adjusting. Temptation did say there would be some kind of … something.

He heard a soft coughing coming from the living room and then, like a flood, more memories came to him. Martha left him six months ago. This tiny cramped apartment was the only place he could afford after he was fired and the authorities seized all his assets. He was turned away from all IT firms he had gone for a job interview. Now he worked as a janitor and general technician at the local bowling joint.

He remembered everything now.

He heard the coughing again and knew it was Elliot in the other room. Why was he here?

He remembered the many times Elliot had scorned him at work, even before the ARC project. He remembered Elliot being a jerk-ass boss for the last three years they had worked together. He remembered… he remembered…

He had invited Elliot here tonight for an important reason…

That’s when he felt the weight in one of his palms. He slowly looked down and saw the knife in his hand.

Yes, he remembered now.

He didn’t even have to think about it. All the anger came flooding back into him and then he slowly stepped out of the kitchen into a very dismal little living room, sparsely furnished with worn out secondhand furniture.

And there, dressed in a suit and leaning against a high table, was Elliot with a small shot glass in his hand, looking cool and relaxed.

“So was there a real reason for you to drag me all the way to this lousy dump? ‘Cause you’re really wasting my time here, mate.”

He gripped the knife tight and smiled at Elliot as he moved closer. “Yes, there was a reason.”

And then he stabbed him in the neck.