Sin, Chapter 10

Eyes turned to Sin, his blood running cold — What the hell is this?

Sin gave his odd smile again, dark and knowing. It was a smile that Eyes did not like.

I told you that you would see him again, Sin said. As I said before, Elliot is a man with many second chances.

Eyes looked at the dead man.

The dead man that was clearly alive and well, and sitting beside the real him. This was too strange. No way it was the same person.

He scrunched his eyebrows in thought and then to Sin, he said — He’s one of you, isn’t he?

Sin smiled in response.

He’s a stronger version of you that can interact with real people, Eyes accused.

Stronger? echoed Sin. I’m interacting with you, am I not?

Wait, no. Eyes shook his head in disbelief. You are him, he said slowly. You are Elliot.

Eyes pointed an accusing finger at the presence. And you were in my life! You were probably there to wreck everything and when you finished… When you finished you brought me here to torment me for some reason!

Eyes’s voice rose as he spoke.

Sin shook his head gently. Your conclusions, while admirable, are untrue. Elliot is human. But you are wasting time. Look, they are speaking.

Eyes turned to the table where the real Eyes sat with Martha and Elliot. The real him spoke with a voice that seemed familiar. At least it felt like it was. Eyes couldn’t tell or remember. His voice whenever he spoke to Sin just seem flat and neutral, with no signature cadence or lilt.

But the real Eyes’s voice was strong and friendly as he spoke to Elliot. “…fantastic job handling that root kit the other day, Elliot. I checked the records and damn it if I can, but that was a hard nut to get around.”

Elliot seemed to smile humbly.

“I spoke with my boss, Elliot, and I had promise a few favors” he laughed raising both hands in defeat, “but he said he’d be thrilled to set up an interview with you.”

“You really shouldn’t have, …“ said Elliot, ending his sentence with that hollow silence where Eyes’s name should have been.

Martha gently interjected then. “No, Elliot. You really deserve this one lucky break,” she said, reaching across and touching Elliot’s hands on the table.

Elliot blushed.

The real Eyes laughed and clapped Elliot on the shoulder. “Come now, enough business. Let’s celebrate. This meal’s on me.”

As the real him raised his hand to call the waiter, Sin placed a cold hand on Eyes’s shoulder and said — You have seen all that you need to here. Come now. We have other matters to attend to.

Eyes shook Sin’s hand off his shoulder, gazing at the real Eyes’s face as he smiled and spoke to the waiter.

Just a moment more, he asked, not taking his eyes off the man. Please.

No, Eyes. It is time.

Eyes saw out of the corner of his eye a new portal appearing in the middle of the street. Reluctantly he took a step away from the real himself and towards the light.

He stepped through again.