Sin (novella) :
This project is well underway and the first chapter can be found here : Sin, Chapter 1. This is a brand new story and it is being written as I post. I intend to post a chapter everyday. I may occasionally miss a day a week, but I will not miss them twice in a row. I promise.

Dark Moon (novel) :
This was a novel I wrote in 2011, when I was fourteen. What I am posting is the first draft, which is as yet, untouched. Because of that, this story will have its rough spots. I will be posting this twice a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Scarlet (anthology) :
Scarlet is a collection of all the short stories I write in the year 2016. I plan to create and compile these stories annually, starting this year. Most, if not all, of my stories can be found on Inkwell, which is an online platform I share with my best friend to write and create stories and to improve our craft. Note that finding the Scarlet stories can be quite daunting, so I suggest reading everything. Muahahahahah… Just kidding. You can find a list of the stories by clicking my username here : redwalker6

The Tale of Liam and Kate (novella) :
Originally written in 2012, this story is also a first draft story. Very very rough but I like it all the same. To be posted once a week, on Thursdays. Begins September 1st 2016. This serial has been cancelled due to quality concerns. (Note that this was written in 2012)

Untitled Fantasy Series :
I will occasionally mention a fantasy series that I’m in the midst of writing (or outlining) but this may be on the back-burner for a while to make way for other projects that I’m excited for. Any mention of this on the blog will purely be for journal purposes and for updates on where I am.