Sin, Chapter 1

He woke up in the dark, frightened.

It was as dark as the darkest night he had ever seen, possibly darker still. The stillness and the dark pressed in on him, almost touching him.

He raised a hand in front of his face and saw no shadow, no silhouette, nothing but the darkness that surrounded him.

Hello? He called out, trembling.

He had heard of stories like this. People waking up in locked basements or in shipping containers, having had their organs removed.

Alarmed, he immediately touched his abdomen, searching under his shirt for scars or huge gaping wounds. He found none, though. His arms and legs felt intact,even though he couldn’t see them. And he knew he wasn’t blind. At least, he felt he knew.

The floor he was sitting on was flat and smooth, neither warm not cold. And after waving his hands around him, he found no walls nearby.

Hesitantly, he got on his hands and knees and stood up. Immediately he felt nauseated, as though he would fall at any moment. He fell back on his hands, his back arched in the air.

Then he tensed.

He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he knew. He wasn’t alone. Not even in the darkness.

He quickly sat himself back down, his arms tense, fingers on the ground, to either side of him. He called out his hollow Hello? again. But there was no reply.

This isn’t funny! he yelled. Let me out of here!

You are not ready yet, said a voice. It came both from nowhere and everywhere. It was in his head.

Who are you? he asked, standing up and feeling nausea again. Why are you keeping me here?

Silence for a moment and then … light.

It started as a small glow in front of him and then it slowly grew in brightness and size. It grew until it was the size of a baseball. And suddenly it was too bright to look directly at.

Do not look at me, the voice said gently. Much harm may come to you.

He quickly turned away, closing his eyes and shielding his face with a hand, now more confused than anything. He whispered softly, scared — What are you?

The light moved behind him now and he could open his eyes again. His shadow stretched out before him into the darkness. Everywhere he saw was still pitch black but now, there seemed to be some form of depth to the darkness. Enough for him to see some vague measure of a shadow, anyway.

I am Sin, said the voice. And when you are ready, we may begin.