Sin, Chapter 7

Sin stared back at Eyes, not in the least concerned.

Come, said Sin. It is time to leave.

Sin turned around and headed back the way they had come, not looking to see if Eyes was following.

Eyes glared at Sin’s retreating back. And why should I follow you anymore! he yelled at Sin.

Sin did not reply as he floated away. He merely raised a hand and immediately Eyes felt something grip his body and pull him after Sin. He yelped in shock and frantically turned his eyes back towards the hospital bedroom for one last glimpse of his parents.

His eyes were not quick enough and the room disappeared behind him as Sin pulled him back to the waiting place where they had first arrived. Eyes noticed the young boy was no longer there.

He gritted his teeth as he came face to face with Sin again. The pale man smiled sadly and said — I truly am sorry, Eyes. But we have much to do. — Sin paused momentarily before — It is time for you to meet a friend.

Eyes huffed at Sin, still stuck in Sin’s grip, vaguely wondering if Sin was talking about that other presence. The second voice he had heard in the darkness when Sin had left him alone. The one who who is not Sin.

But Eyes said nothing about that. He almost didn’t care any more. And even though he knew he had no choice, he still dared a — And why should I follow you?

Sin answered with that same stupid word again — Redemption.

Eyes rolled his eyes and shook his head. I still don’t understand, he murmured to himself.

But Sin seemed to hear him — You will.

Then a small ghostly light appeared in front of them both, swirling and distorting the reality around it as it grew larger and larger. None of the couple dozen or so people in the waiting room noticed it. They carried on with their lives.

But Eyes knew what it meant.

Sin floated through the portal and pulled Eyes through with him. Eyes almost screamed as the portal swallowed him but he felt no pain, no sensation as he went through. It felt exactly the same as the first time he had used it.

They walked out into a cold night. Sin was no longer holding him. As Eyes slowly adjusted to his new surroundings, he immediately realised it was a bridge.

It was huge metal bridge that rose high above him and spread out to his left and right like a metal serpent of a beast. Its girders and beams groaned in the night. And as Eyes looked around, he noticed that it was mostly empty. He saw no cars or people crossing the road, only plastic bags and empty cans that littered the street, flying in the wind.

Why am I here? he asked Sin suddenly.

He could barely hear himself speak. The sound of the river beneath them roared like a beast even greater than that of the bridge.

Sin said nothing, only turning to focus his gaze to one side of the bridge. Eyes turned to look where Sin looked and his breath caught in his throat. There was a man standing on the edge, his back towards them.

His name is Elliot, said Sin.

Eyes was too shocked to reply. They watched as Elliot braced himself against a pole and bent his knees, tensing.

Eyes began to run towards the man, to try and stop what he was about to do. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a rational voice whispered that he would never reach Elliot before he dived into the furious waters.

The voice was right.

Elliot jumped.