Sin, Chapter 4

Ready for what? he asked, exasperated.

I have already told you, Sin replied. For redemption.

What does that even mean? he moaned. I don’t even know my own name. How can I possibly redeem myself?

It is because you do not know yourself that your redemption will be successful, Sin replied vaguely. You have been given a clean slate, a fresh beginning, a memory and a mind empty of any bias or prejudice.

Sin floated closer to him from behind, casting a large dark shadow in from of him and spoke — You will see yourself, you will see the things you have done, and then you will be given a choice.

What choice? he asked, already clenching his fist in frustration.

Sin did not reply. Instead, the light floated back, seemingly keeping a distance between them.

I see, he said. So you only tell me what you want to tell me. Nothing I say or do or ask matters.

That is not true, Sin said. Everything you say, and do, and ask, matters.

Then answer me this, he challenged. What is my name?

Sin was silent for a moment and then — I cannot tell you that.

Why not?

You are yet to understand everything, Sin said. Although you are here to search for yourself, there is much power in a single name. And because of that, I cannot give you yours until you are redeemed.

Bah! Away with you, he said. Do you always have to be so frustrating?

I have only given you the truth thus far, Sin said. But if you wish for a name of sorts until you earn yours back, I will give you one.


Then you will be known as Eyes from now on, Sin told him. For that is what you are and that is your purpose until your journey is come to its end.

Eyes replied resignedly — Fine. Whatever. I thought you said I was ready to begin.

You are, Sin said.

Then what is it that I’m supposed to do?

You have already begun, Sin said. Understanding why you are here is only the first step.

Eyes did not reply, not wanting to admit that Sin still did not make much sense to him. He stayed silent and nodded — Okay, Sin. What now?

Now you follow me.

Eyes turned around, using his hand to shield himself from Sin’s light. He could see? feel? the entity moving away in the darkness.

He followed until Sin stopped and a second source of light began to swirl about in the darkness in front of him. He could tell immediately that this was nothing like Sin’s light.

It swirled in great arcs and grew until it was a glowing, swirling circle at least twice his height in diameter. It pulsed in different shades of yellow.

Enter, Sin said. Enter and you will see the beginning.

The beginning of what? he asked.

Of you, came the reply.

Quiet and curious, the one now known as Eyes stepped through the wormhole.