Sin, Chapter 16

Eyes felt like he couldn’t breathe.

This was … this was too much. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the man in bed with his wife.

He felt a fire burning in him and he remembered what Temptation had told him. He turned on Sin and stared straight at the light.

Sin, he growled. Is this real? Tell me the truth. Is that — he pointed at the couple in bed — real? And don’t you dare lie to me.

Eyes could feel Sin pausing. Then Sin said, You met Temptation, have you?

Yes, Eyes spat. He told me everything. I know you’ve been lying to me so tell me the truth now. Did this really happen? Did they sleep together?

I doubt he told you everything, Sin replied.

Answer the question, damnit!

Yes, Sin replied quietly. This is the truth.

What else don’t I know yet? Eyes demanded, glaring at Sin’s light, his jaw trembling.

Three years from this version of now, Sin said slowly, Elliot is promoted again by advancing your work on the ARC and he has you discharged from your office under false allegations. No IT company is willing to hire you again. You lose everything.

Eyes felt his breath come in quicker rasps as he struggled for air. Elliot ruined him. He’s ruined his entire future. Eyes dropped to his knees, his head in his hands as he began to cry.

Why? he cried. Why did Elliot do this?

I’m afraid that is one question I do not know the answer to, Sin replied. If you make it through this journey, then I doubt either of us will ever know.

Eyes looked up, momentarily finding himself at a loss for words.

This journey, he finally echoed. He began to shake his head before saying to Sin — I don’t think I want any part of this any more. I don’t want to see this through if there is more.

I’m afraid that’s not an option, Eyes.

Eyes wiped away his tears as he stood up again, his eyes momentarily flashing furiously at Elliot, who was still in the bed.

No, he said. I’m going to finish this here and now.

He screamed a cruel loud cry and ran at Elliot, his hands outstretched. He didn’t know if he could strangle people while he was stuck in this state of half-life but god help him, he wanted to try.

As he ran however, a pinpoint of light appeared and grew rapidly in a circle in front of him and before he could slow down, he found himself running back in the black black void in which he had first begun.

Hello, Eyes.

It was Temptation.

Bring me back, Eyes screamed at the void. I’m going to kill that backstabbing sonofa-

Hush hush, young Eyes, said Temptation teasingly. We both know you can’t kill him. Not while you are like this anyway. You will need your body back.

How can I can get my body back, then? Eyes asked quickly, suddenly very interested. Tell me.

You will need to use your name.

Eyes gave a hoarse laugh. How do I know this isn’t another lie?

You’ll have to trust me.

But even then, I still don’t know my name, Eyes replied tiredly.

You don’t, laughed Temptation. But I do.