Sin, Chapter 19

Or at least, he tried to.

Time stopped. The blade stopped mid-air just before it could break the skin of Elliot’s neck. Elliot’s face was frozen, stuck in the midst of beginning a scream.

I can’t say I’m surprised, said a voice.

Eyes turned around, his hand letting go of the knife, which seemed to be floating on its own.

A man dressed in white with blond hair stood there. But even as he stood, something didn’t seem quite right about him. And there was something familiar about his voice…

Like the look? the man winked at him. It’s been ages since I’ve worn this body. But you know, these are exciting times.

Eyes realized with a start that it was Temptation.

What are you doing here? Eyes demanded. What is this?

It was a test, said a second voice behind Eyes. One which you failed.

Eyes turned and saw Sin back in human form, standing beside the frozen Elliot, Sin’s pale face a stark contrast to Elliot’s tan.

Sin smile apologetically and said — This place isn’t real, Eyes. This is not your reality. I think a part of you knew that when you arrived.

Eyes didn’t want to believe it but deep down, it was true. A part of him had felt something wasn’t right. He nodded slowly, a slow anger burning in him at being cheated like this. Elliot had to die, one way or another.

He had to be patient.

Come now, Sin said. There are still a couple of stops before the journey is done.

What about him? asked Eyes, jerking his thumb at Temptation.

He heard a laugh and then Temptation said — I’m done playing in the shadows, young Eyes. I am here to observe.

A portal appeared and then grudgingly, Eyes stepped through.