Sin, Chapter 11

This time, Eyes found himself somewhere altogether unexpected — he was in a church.

It wasn’t a very large church. It was small, quaint and its four walls painted a soft beige. There were small windows along walls to the sides. He was standing in the centre aisle, with rows of pews to the left and right of him. These were filled with people, all talking in soft excited whispers.

To the front was an altar where a priest and three men stood. Eyes blanched. It was the real him standing at the front, dressed in an impeccable suit and tie. Beside him stood two men, both people Eyes had never seen before.

To one side of the altar sat an middle aged woman hunched over the keys of an enormous organ. She was playing softly to sooth the atmosphere which seemed to brim with excitement.

Eyes looked around and saw Sin standing to one side of the pews, beside — surprise, surprise — Elliot. Eyes approached Sin carefully, keeping an eye on the eery dark haired dead man sitting beside him.

I invited him to my wedding, Eyes asked Sin, incredulous.

Yes, replied Sin. I have told you, he is a friend of yours.

Eyes began shooting questions at Sin — A friend? How do I know him? Where did we meet? And what’s so special about him? What does it have anything to do with me?

You will have a decision to make soon, said Sin. Elliot is to play a part in that decision. As for the rest, your questions will be answered in time. Patience, Eyes. Patience.

And then the front doors to the little church opened wide and there stood the bride. Eyes was slightly pleased to note that it was Martha. An organ version of the Wedding March began to play throughout the church.

Sin looked at him, Pay attention to this moment.

Eyes nodded and watched as Martha made her way up the aisle. The people in the crowds turned to look at her. Many ooh-ed and aah-ed as she walked alone up the aisle. Eyes saw a few wipe at their eyes with long handkerchiefs.

Martha walked gracefully, smiling and glowing like the bride she was. As she walked past Elliot, something happened. Eyes saw something.

There was a look that passed between Elliot and Martha. It was a meaningful look and Eyes wasn’t sure he liked it. It was fleeting, a quick stolen glance between the two that spoke words that Eyes didn’t want to hear.

The moment passed and Martha reached her soon to be husband, the real Eyes, who was smiling wide and didn’t seem to think anything was amiss.

The rest of the wedding passed in a blur. Eyes didn’t even hear the “I do”.

His mind kept traveling back to that look that Elliot shared with Martha. It was so quick that Eyes hoped it was just his imagination.

Then Sin spoke to him — We have only a few stops left, Eyes. Are you ready?

Eyes nodded slowly, not quite able to look at Sin.

Just like that, another portal appeared and they left.