Sin, Chapter 17

What is it, then? Eyes asked, a little too quickly. He cringed at how eager he sounded, but still he looked around in the darkness, hoping to glimpse Temptation. He saw nothing.

Temptation paused before answering — Names are powerful. If I were to give you a name and if you decide to claim it for your own, there will be repercussions. Memories belonging to the name, whatever it may be, will flood into you. It can be very unpleasant. Are you sure you are up for that?

Eyes didn’t want any more riddles. He was frustrated and he was angry. So angry. He screamed into the void — Just give me a name! Let me go home.

A name is asked and a name is given. Reed Williams, Temptation said flatly. Immediately images of the man Eyes knew to be the real him flashed through into his mind like a stab of lightning lighting up every dark corner and crevice. The stab of images of this man, almost a stranger, really, was unlike anything he had ever felt before and Eyes knew this was his name.

Eyes stood there, in the dark, unsure what he felt. There was his name, and it felt so … plain. A part of him almost didn’t want it. But it was his and he would own it and he would use it to get back at Elliot.

What now? Eyes asked Temptation.

If this is what you want, then claim the name for your own, came the reply.

Very well, Eyes said slowly. I claim Reed Williams to be my name.

The world spun and everything faded.