Sin, Chapter 14

What do you mean? demanded Eyes immediately.

A low rumbling laugh followed his question. And then Temptation answered — I say what I mean and I mean what I say, young Eyes.

What has Sin lied to me about?

Everything and nothing, replied Temptation.

That makes no sense, Eyes said skeptically. How do I know you’re not the one lying?

It will make perfect sense when Sin’s veil of lies are lifted, young Eyes. You will know that there is both truth and untruth in what Sin shows and tells you.

Temptation paused and then — As for me, let me say that while I do not tell half as many untruths as Sin. And that Sin’s lies are nothing compared to mine. But there is a secret — both of us are not able to tell untruths when you stare directly at us when we are in our most basic form. Sin’s, as you know, is that of light. And mine, is that of the shadows. That is the truth.

Eyes didn’t quite believe him. How can you prove that you are telling the truth to me right now?

Temptation laughed again. His reply — I will not try to prove anything to you. We are in the dark here, young Eyes. You’ll just have to trust me for now. Stare directly at Sin and ask a direct question. He cannot lie when he answers. You will gain your proof then.

Eyes was tired of games. And he didn’t want to hear anymore.

Fine, he growled. What now?

Now, replied Temptation, you will return to your liar.

His laughed echoed into the distance as another portal appeared.