Sin, Chapter 23

They left the room and made their way past several nurses and doctors and patients, a number of whom were rushing about. They didn’t bump into anyone, and nobody seemed to be able to see them.

As they walked, Eyes seemed to recognize the hospital more and more. This was where Sin had first brought him when everything had begun.

Sin led him through several corridors until they reached a place Eyes knew he recognized. It was the nursery.

The cartoons were painted as brightly as ever. The two nurses sat behind their counter and the two worried men in the waiting room were still wringing their hands absentmindedly, their thoughts elsewhere.

Eyes knew where this was headed and a part of him was relieved. He was going to see his parents.

Sure enough, they arrived at the hospital room where his mother still lay on the bed with the baby in her hands and his father hovered dotingly beside her.

Eyes smiled and stood in silence, taking it in. He was content for now.

Sin let him have his silence, bobbing beside Eyes quietly for a good long while. And then Sin suddenly spoke — Look at me.

Eyes turned his head away from his parents, curious.

I wish for you to ask me a question.

Eyes slowly shook his head, not understanding. What do you mean? he asked.

I told you that there has been one secret I have kept from you, my friend. It is time for you to know the truth. It is time for you to understand why you were forced to make the decision you had to make. But before that, you must ask me a question.

Eyes responded with a slow — Okay.

Ask me if those are your real parents, Sin said softly.

A shock of fear ran through Eyes right then. He turned back to look at the loving couple, the husband gently stroking his wife’s cheek as they held the baby. Those two had to be his parents. That was the only joyful memory he had left. They had to be real. They had to be his. He couldn’t bear it if they were another lie.

Eyes’s voice trembled as he spoke — I don’t think I can do that, Sin.

The answer is not what you fear, young Eyes. Look at me and ask, stressed Sin.

Hesitantly, Eyes looked up at Sin’s light and then with a shaky voice, he asked — Is the couple in that hospital room… Are they my parents?

Eyes could almost hear Sin smile as the reply came — Yes, they are your parents. You were their only child and they loved you more than anything in the world.

Eyes almost fell to the floor and wept at the sound of those happy words. And then Sin spoke again.

But that is not the truth I have brought you here to learn, Eyes. Watch them.

Eyes turned just as the lady — his mother — spoke to her husband. “We still haven’t named him.”

“I know exactly what to name him,” was the reply as the man — his father — picked up the baby and cradled him.

After sharing a look of joy with his wife, he touched the baby on the nose and said, “You, my son, will be called …”

The man smiled at his wife. “… Elliot.”