Sin, Chapter 22

Everything went black when he hit the water.

And he woke up in a bed.

He blinked once, twice and his vision cleared. Everything seemed so white. The walls, the bed, the floor. He looked around, noticed the hospital scrubs he was wearing and the IV drip that stood beside him. The drip wasn’t connected to his hand however. It just seemed to be there.

He sat up. He didn’t understand what had happened.

And then a voice — You did well, Eyes.

Eyes looked up. Sin sat in a chair in the corner of the room, his feet up on the coffee table in front of him, his hands behind his head. Sin seemed to have this look of utter content on his face that Eyes did not quite understand. Eyes frowned for a moment, knowing full well the room had been empty just a moment before.

What happened? he asked, feeling at the awkward hospital scrubs he had on.

You made your choice and this is where that answer has led you.

A hospital? Eyes asked, incredulous. He felt perfectly fine. So why was he in a hospital?

He asked Sin — Why here?

Sin just smiled.

Where would I be if I had made the other choice? he asked.

Sin gave a low whistle. You would not want to know.

Eyes shook his head and looked around. Sunlight streamed in through an open window, brightening up the room.

What hospital is this?

Sin just smiled pointedly.

Are you going to tell me anything?


Are you going to do it any time soon?

Sin laughed at that — I’m so sorry, my friend. This is just … this is the first time someone’s ever done it.

Done what? Eyes asked.

Sin smiled, not giving anything away.

Eyes rolled his eyes. Come on, why are we here? Why didn’t I save Elliot?

You did save Elliot. You saved him the moment you decided to jump into that river for him, in spite of what he’s done.

Eyes just stared.

Sin sighed. I guess it’s time then.

Time for what?

My final secret, young Eyes. My final secret.

Sin got up and gestured at Eyes to follow him.

Quietly, he did.