I’m not very good at keeping my word. I know.

But this is the truth : I only have two or three chapters of Sin left to write, so this long road is coming to its end fairly soon. Chapters will still be posted up as best as I can, but don’t carry your hopes up that it’ll be everyday.

Possible, but not likely.

A new chapter WILL be  up tomorrow afternoon (GMT +8) but the day after that is anyone’s guess. But I know this story will be done and over with in a week or so.

The reason I’ve been taking so long to write is still college. Also this story doesn’t quite motivate me as much anymore. I began with no clear end in sight and I wrote it very very vaguely.

Because of this, the quality suffered a lot. And I really do mean a lot. And now because of that, there is no motivation to create beauty in the sense that I’m used to. I’m stuck in this style of writing, simply because prior chapter demotivate me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud that I wrote this novella as an aside. I don’t often do projects that go on for more than 5000 words. So to be achieving this is still something I’m glad of.

I may not quite like the style, and there are bits where the plot is so weak, your pinkie could poke a hole in it, but I do like this side project for what it could have been and what it is, as a story in and of itself.

I believe I may be uploading complete PDFs of Dark Moon and The Tale of Liam and Kate at some point in the future. I don’t think I can do it as blog posts, the sheering editing for italics would bore me to no end. That’s also why, you may notice that Sin uses little to no use of italics of any kind in its chapters.

But either way, keep an eye on this blog. Things will be ending soon. And after that, who knows? Maybe I’ll write an entire story before I post again, heh.


— Randy.

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