I apologize.

I am no good at keeping promises and after this, you will never want to read a thing I write.

But this is my final promise for Sin — the end is nigh.

Chapter 14 of Sin will be up at noon today (GMT+8). And Chapter 15 until 19 will follow as well on their respective days, as I’ve managed to finish writing those as well.

You can ask me why I went AWOL for 9 days but suffice it to say that readjusting to college life and struggling with college forms is not the best to help get your brain juices flowing.

But I have a four day break now and I plan on finishing Sin by Sunday. And then, hopefully it will be done and it will just be a matter of posting, which will be no problem.

Also, due to underwhelming response to the blog, I will be discontinuing the Dark Moon series until such a time when it more lax for me to continue posting.

Cheers (of a kind where I can see the beginning of the end),

— Randy.

Check out Inkwell, where I post short stories with my best friend.


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