So thoughts :

I don’t think I’ll be posting up The Tale of Liam and Kate on the site. Looking back through it, I realised how really awful it was. Like good God, AWFUL. If I had thought it otherwise, I probably would be posting it up along with Sin, Chapter 8 today. But when I read through it, I was just like — No. This isn’t going to work.

So I apologize for those who were curious about Liam and Kate. It was meant to be an 8-part story about two youths who go on the run after after accidentally killing someone. But I guess it’s not going to happen now.

The crowd groans and I placate them. In place of a new story altogether, I have decided to continue posting up more chapters of Dark Moon instead. So effective today, Dark Moon will be posted every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’ll be as consistent as I can but seeing as college will be starting up again soon, I may not be able to meet every single post on time. But I promise, the wait will never be more than a day long. Thanks for sticking with me.


— Randy.

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