30/08/16 (pt2)

New post : The Viper’s Dance

So I fell asleep at noon. Woke up too damn early. And my post on Inkwell was posted at noon, as per schedule. But there was no schedule for the new Sin chapter and the new Dark Moon chapter so I apologize on that front.

But anyway, they’re up now.

Also I feel the need to reiterate that Dark Moon was written 5 years ago! It was my second novel attempt ever. So it’s rough as all heck. I pray, do not judge my prose now based on it. If you want my better attempts, go to Inkwell, where I have my short story collection. Those are much more palatable than Dark Moon. However, in defence, Dark Moon is at its heart, still a story. And also, it’s still dear to me, even though in retrospect, I really hate the name of the protagonist (Cody Link). But it stay one of my first loves and I choose to honor it by placing it up.

If you want quality, though, head to Inkwell by clicking one of the links above. The Viper’s Dance will take you there, if there is where you be headed. Or the link at the bottom of this post.


— Randy

Check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:


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