Girlfriend read the new short story. She said it wasn’t her thing. To be fair, I was kind of expecting it. This piece didn’t have as much action as the others. It focused more on the things in this one moment rather than having different things happen in different moments.

I’m okay with it though. She didn’t like Water for Elephants either, which is by far, one of the best books I’ve ever read. So it’s pretty clear we have different tastes. She did not read the new Sin chapter either but that’s okay. She’ll read it tomorrow morning. She’s not much of a binge reader.

But anyway, I still think the new short story is pretty good. I may ask my friend, greyfox97 what he thinks. Stories like these are more in his realm than hers.

What else… Yes. I wrote Chapter 11 of Sin today. It is really really short, like half the length of the usual chapters, but I think it’s strong enough to stand as it is. So that’s about it.


— Randy

Also check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:

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