No fancy titles today. I just wanted to give you guys an update on what been happening with my writing the last couple of days.

I did not write a new chapter of Sin yesterday but don’t worry, I still have a buffer stock full of chapters to go. Sin is still being posted daily. I’m just saying I didn’t write chapter 11 yesterday. I haven’t written it today either but it’s only six in the evening so I’ll probably get to it tonight.

Also, interesting news. I wrote a new story to be published on Inkwell tomorrow. I can’t publish it yet for two reasons. One, my girlfriend hasn’t read it yet. She is my first reader and my kindest critic. She loves me too much to say mean things. But she always reads them first. Second reason, I passed the noon publishing time. I generally choose to publish my stories at noon because it allows more people to be exposed to the stories.

So my girlfriend will probably read it tonight, along with a new chapter of Sin (she’s ahead of you guys on that one too) and tomorrow at noon, assuming I’m not otherwise indisposed, I will post the new story on Inkwell.


— Randy

Also check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:

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