So in case, you haven’t noticed already, I’ve decided to spruce things up around here. The overall look has changed and so has the purpose of the blog. No longer am I just going to talk about motivating myself regarding the short stories I write over at Inkwell and about my writing progress. Now I aim to write and post actual stories up on this website.

Most of the stories I plan to start posting here are novellas. These should come periodically. Sin, which is already online and ongoing, will likely be published daily until it reaches the end of its course. I plan to follow up on this by posting chapters from two other old stories I wrote entitled “Dark Moon” (written in 2011, likely posting twice a week) and “The Tale of Liam and Kate” (written in 2012, likely once a week).

Of course, I will still be writing short stories for Inkwell. These short stories will only be available there. I will not be posting them here because Inkwell is what gave me my start and I intend to honour that.

Keep an eye on this space for more stories!

— Randy.

Also check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:

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