Productive Levels … Dropping.

So I haven’t done any writing the last couple of days. It’s not intentional but it also kinda is? I fall in and out of “the zone” quite fast. Sometimes, I think that the only real way I can start writing is when I start babbling on on this blog. It gets my fingers moving and it kind of gets me into that “zone” I was talking about. Though as I type all of this, it feels more like zen.

Told you I babbled.

Anyway, I think I might write a short story today. Nothing too fancy or imaginative, just something to get my thoughts moving and something I can post up on my regular blog, Inkwell. Inkwell is meant to be alive and thriving with words and stories. It pains me to admit this but I haven’t been contributing in the manner I should be able to, considering I have so much free time these days.

Anyways, I’ll be off now. Sorry this was so depressing. I didn’t meant to depress anyone. I just wanted to write something down. The feel of typing words just makes the world feel less wide and more focused. I can do anything I want with these keys.

Babbling again, aren’t I? Sorry. I just needed to get words out of my system. Any words. Just as long as they’re words.

Till next time,

– Randy

Check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:

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