The Magyck Sequence : Seclude

The second story in my ongoing fantasy anthology series out finally out! So freaking excited that it’s done! Check it out here: Seclude.

But if you haven’t read the first, you can read the first story here : Delude. Note that you do not necessarily need to read the first to enjoy the second, and vice versa. But it may enhance your experience if you read them in order.

As alluded to before, The Magyck Sequence is going to be a series of short stories revolving around one character. For the moment, these stories are published exclusively on Inkwell. Uniquely, these stories were written so they can be read out of chronological order, while still making chronological sense if you read them in the right order. I still strongly suggest reading them in the order they were published, however.

Seclude was initially meant to be as short as Delude but the tale somehow grew in the telling (JRRM and GRRM reference, heh). And so, Seclude ended up becoming nearly three times the length of Delude.

I’m not displeased by this at all. I’m proud of it, though my inner OCD patient is so annoyed. But then again, this tapestry we play on is fantasy.

And no matter what, I’m still proud to play a hand in enriching this tapestry’s flavors.

– Randy

Check out the short story blog I run with my best friend at:


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