The Magyck Sequence, Part 1

This is regarding the my ongoing (and by ongoing, I mean one story so far) anthology of fantasy stories revolving around one character. Note that this has nothing to do with my Fantasy Project that I’ve been talking about previously. The Magyck Sequence is set in a completely different universe.

Today, I have made the decision to follow a certain pattern in the title of his stories, to  create a sense of continuity.

You can read the first — and so far, only — short story about him) by clicking the story title just below.

The title of my protagonist’s first debut is Delude.

Anyway, I came up with a list of story titles to follow the -lude format and they are just so ripe with potential. Really excited for it. The title of the next story in the sequence is going to be called Seclude and I plan to write it out tonight. I will be posting it up exclusively on Inkwell as soon as it is ready but I’ll notify you guys here as well.

Will update as soon as possible.

– Randy

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