Went through my old unfinished manuscripts for a bit and found a short lived story — a scene really. It was originally written as a means to relieve my anger at a person who had hurt my friend.

Then I realized I liked the small world I had created, despite it being void of any rules or concrete setting. Then again, I always like it when my worlds are abstract, void of rules and settings, so heh. The only thing I knew was that it was set in the future. So then, I had shelved it as a possible beginning to a new world. Never touched it for six months.

Today I found it again and realized it could work as a short story. But its language was a bit too foul for my regular blog, Inkwell. So I had it shelved again, this time as a completed short story. I may return to that world someday. But I doubt it. I do not have the know how to write science fiction. So its unlikely that the story ever be expanded upon.

Then again, who knows?

– Randy.

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